Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Trenton playwright has message for HHG

What are the chances, what are the odds?

Michael Goldstein - the G in HHG (that very same HHG that seeks to evict an art school and redevelop its premises) is married to a principal in the Passage Theatre Company. That company is putting on a performance of Trenton playwright William Mastrosimone's "A Stone Carver," a play inspired by his family's eviction from Trenton premises under eminent domain. Mastrosimone (pictured right) told U.S. Route 1:
"The American Dream is that if you work hard, you can make a great life for yourself. What you have is yours. But it's not true. With eminent domain they can take anything."
These comments strike at the heart of HHG's plans for ARTWORKS:
Before it was about `We want to build a hospital; we want to do something for the public good.' Now they still call it the public good, but now they want to build condos. They want to increase the tax base. They're in cahoots with developers."
One could go even further: Trenton is considering whether to take a public art school and convert it to private property - to the enrichment of developers and under the banner of increasing the tax base. The article concludes:
For now, he would like to invite people who've lost their homes to eminent domain to come to see "A Stone Carver." "We'll see what happens. Maybe it will call some attention to the practice. This may develop into something."
Can the artists facing removal from Mill Hill come to the show? And will Michael Goldstein be there to greet them?

(Hat tip to Tricia for pointing me to this story.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can anyone at this site discuss the total number of Trenton residents using Artworks?

7:51 PM  
Blogger Dimitri Rotov said...

Not without going through enrollment records, teacher home adresses, and estimating attendance proportions (out-of-town / in-town IMHO

9:23 PM  

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