Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Developer humor (continued)

This is an advertisement I snapped on the sidewalks of Reston yesterday. It is set up like a canvas on an easel. A tidy, ponytailed artist - not a daub on him - is celebrating his new loft by painting a demurely covered model.

This development has a few cheap spaces available in the low $500k range, but most of the high rise units will run to $1 million, with penthouses selling at over $2 million. There are going to be several buildings in this project and they look to be about 40 stories each.

The complex is set amidst a dense network of defense contractor office parks: SAIC, Northrup Grumman, and BAE are nearby, just to name a few. If you design missile guidance systems, you can walk to work. The fascinating thing about this is that the artist is such a universally attractive tenant that the developer is selling a preposterous artsy ambience to beltway bandits. HHG likewise has spurious references to artists and live/work space in their other projects - apart from the proposed ARTWORKS redevelopment.

In Reston, our developer's-concept-of-an-artist is painting away his $500k mortgage one nude at a time. Given the thousands of bare walls that will need covering in "Midtown," he just might be able to pay for his room and board.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is Dimitri Rotov? Why is he living in VA but trying to save Artworks in NJ? Is he a former Trenton resident? Did he benefit from Artwork? Is he a blogger or an artist?

Just curious as it all seems as unclear to me as to why "Trenton's ARTWORKS is a good thing."

Can any or all of these be adressed on this blog?

7:28 PM  
Blogger Dimitri Rotov said...

Knowing who I am will not clarify why ARTWORKS is a good thing - the blog was intended for that and it clearly failed you in this respect.

I lived in Trenton from 1967 until 1996. Trentontians who were engaged with the community will remember me as an arts activist producing the New Variety series at ARTWORKS, the Microtonal Music Festival at the Contemporary Club, and as the organizer of the annual Antheil Festival (often at Ellarslie) and the annual Trenton Avant Garde Festival. My co-founders and co-producers eventually did the heavy lifting on those events. Trenton Avant Garde continues as a production marque in and around Trenton.

I began producing shows at ARTWORKS at its beginning with Mary Yess's blessing. Encaustics painter Deirdre McGrail and I tried to get an artists colony going on the first block of Second Street and many good people passed through the neighborhood (Andrea Schwartz, Bruce Johnson, Ellen Schmidt, to name some). In the late eighties I tried but failed to sublease properties on Mill Hill to rent out as artist workspace. I met my wife at a Trenton Avant Garde Festival, proposed to her in the garden of the home of John Hatch and David Henderson, and we were married in City Hall. The walls of my home are filled with work purchased at ARTWORKS auctions.

One does not have to pay one's dues to voice an opinion, of course, but in this case, dues have been paid.

9:09 AM  

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